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April 7, 1999; Wednesday (8:50 pm)

How art thee if it may be known? [ Do I sound even a little bit shakespearean? ;o)
] I just watched the movie "Shakespeare in love" the day before. Don't u just adore
that movie? 'Newayz, the trip to my dad's province went fine. My cousins (from
the father side) and I had fun playing cards, whatever indoor games we could think
of, going biking, 'n having several games of badminton. Anyway, we went home on
Easter Sunday, 'n my cousins (from the mother side, this time) and I had fun too.
Now didn't I have a fun weekend? But that's not the end of it. One of my cousins
'n I had a sleepover last Sunday which lasted til' today. We went to the mall the day
before, 'n that's when I fell in love with "Shakespeare in Love". We also played
cards. It seems that everyone's beginning to have an awful lot of interest in cards
these days. :o) That's about all that's happened!

Smile, Miki :oÞ

Aloha! Hope y'all are enjoying urselves! 'Newayz, my family 'n I just got home
from Cebu (a province/city/island on another side of the country) last night. I was
totally beat when we finally arrived in our house. We had fun in Cebu though. We
went swimming in the beach 'n stuff. Plus, the hotel we stayed in was one of the
top 5-star hotels in the world! AND it was all free. We went on a totally kewl
all-expenses paid trip to Cebu! The one who took care of it all was a certain drug
companywhich I think is really nice. The staff was so friendly to us too. Everything
was just sooo gr8. Of course, nothing beats home sweet home, right? So as much
as I enjoyed our stay in Cebu, I'm still glad to be home. (And anyway, I missed my
e-mails :oÞ) There are still more to look forward to, though. Our piano recitals on
April 25 and May 2, and... the big summer finale... our one-month trip to U.S.A.!
By the way, we're gonna have a practice for our May 2 piano recital tomorrow.
We're gonna work on our duets and trios or whatever. It'll be in the afternoon. Oh,
well. At least it's gonna give us something to do. In the meantime, ciao!

April 26, 1999; Monday (2:30 pm)

Extra, extra! Read all about it! Miki's piano recital last April 25! Just check it out in
the My History with Music section!!!

By the way, our piano recital that was supposed to be on May 2 was postponed for
August!!! It turns out 7 of my piano teacher's students were out of the country. In
my opinion, we should have continued the recital even though. I mean, we
postponed our U.S. trip for two days 'cuz of the piano recital! But then again, my
piano recital postponed our April 25 piano recital 'cuz we were in Cebu, remember?
Well, just see how our "small" piano recital at the mall went in the My History with
Music page, 'kay?

Smile, Miki

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