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August 2, 1999; Monday (11:46 am)

Heyyo, ppl! Long time no updates, huh? Well, sorry y'all, but I've just been terribly busy with everythin' goin' on. Classes were suspended today 'cuz of the rain, so I decided to work on da site.

Anyway, lemme tell u first about the convention at La Salle Lipa. It was fun. I got to be friends with a lot of people (both from my own school, and from other schools, though not that much), and I learned several stuff about volunteerism and things. We slept in classrooms (mind you, it was really comfortable, it was cool, and on our side, there wasn't any mosquitos; the only problem was with the bathrooms, they were crowded, but it was OK), and had our meals in the canteen (only the drinks weren't free unless you wanted to drink their water), and we had group activities, presentations, and lectures. Plus, on our last night, we had a talent show, in which I, together with my fellow grade school participants, and two guys from La Salle Greenhills, actually danced to the tune of "I Want it That Way" by BSB. Ugh. I'm terrible at daning! It was really embarassing and I kept on trying to hide my face with my cap. :o) On our last day, in the morning, after breakfast and going to mass, we played a bit of volleyball and basketball, then we went home and on the way, ate lunch at Mcdonald's.

Now next on the list are all my other school activities (man, this is gonna be a looong entry!). First off, we had our recollection last Monday (it was OK, I liked the activity wherein we lied down on our bath towels on the floor and closed our eyes and went on a "school tour", it didn't really do much for me though, it was kind of neutral, didn't exactly change me :o) ), and our outreach the next day, Tuesday. The outreach was fun, but it made me more tired than I already was. After the tutorials in the outreach (I taught the kids some songs) each groups prepared a presentation about what they taught the kids and the kids will show what they learned or did during the tutorials. It was so cute! Then we had some games, and picture-taking, and we were off to school again. :o(

We had our Nutri-jingle for Science which was postponed for Thursday. (It was supposed to be on Tuesday, after our Outreach). We did OK I guess, no mistakes, but what the guys in our group did... well, I wouldn't exactly call it SINGING. They weren't giving any tune at all. They were just pretty much shouting the lyrics. You see, the Nutri-jingle was videotaped, and the judges would just watch the video (more about that later), so we had to make our voice loud.

So anyway, our Science teacher gave us another chance, so we're going to present our Nutri-jingle again on Monday. About the judge thing, you see, first, they're going to choose the best from each class. Then each class will compete against each other, and they're going to choose the best from the best.

Last Saturday, not only did I have band practice, but I had a practice scheduled for the First Friday mass (you see, my CL teacher told me to organize a little band to play the mass songs), and THEN we had a practice for our Nutri-jingle. Plus, we were supposed to have a long test in Drafting today, and also our Nutri-jingle, not to mention a quiz we have in Science which is about our memorizing the 109 elements, AND a presentation we have to do in Math about polynomials. But since classes were suspended, I'm not sure what the schedule is gonna be. Then tomorrow, we're supposed to have our Interpretative Poetry Reading in our Filipino class.

And not only that. Remember that club I told you about that I'm part of which goes our to help people and stuff? Well,our moderator assigned me to make a theme song for the club, and I'm already done with everything, including the music and the lyrics, but I still need to record it with voice and everything. Oh, boy. Pray I don't have a breakdown at the end of the week! :o)


August 22, 1999; Sunday (2:40 pm)

  I know I haven't been writing much. But as always, I've got a good reason! :o) The Quarterly Tests. But I'll talk about that later. Let me tell you first about the week before.
  Our Nutri-jingle didn't turn out so great. At least I didn't think so. I mean, I think our first presentation was better. The words were more clearly sang --- or rather shouted (they were kind of out of tune) :o) --- then. My other classmates said our group's jingle was cute, but they couldn't understand the words.

  As for our Filipino Interpretative Poetry Reading, we did wonderfully. Actually, everyone in our class did wonderfully. Each of us got a perfect score, and our teacher even gave us plus points. She said that our presentations were much, much better than the presentations which also got
a perfect score in the other classes. So she gave us plus points. :o) Oh, by the way, my assigned poem was entitled "Ukol sa Pagkamatay, sa Asasinasyon. ni Benigno Aquino Jr., Agosto 21, 1983" . It was a Filipino poem of course. :o)

  We didn't have classes last Friday. You see,  it was this week when we had our Quarterly Tests. And in our school, after we have all our Quarterly Tests, we have Friday as our Achievement Holiday, in other words, a day off from school. :o) I did pretty well in the Quarterly Tests... I think. Well, at least I got the highest score in Language. Actually, there were two of us who got the highest score in Language... in our class anyway. We both just made one mistake. I'm not sure what it is though. Hm... anyway, as for History... man, it was HARD. We had to write 2 essays, make 2 charts, and we also had identification, true or false, fill in the blanks, and more! Math was actually pretty easy, surprisingly. I usually have a hard time in Math.

  My cousins went over yesterday. We went swimming... in the rain! Honestly, we went to the pool and though it was raining, we still went swimming. I actually like it better that way. It was totally cool... and really fun too. We had a lot of laughs. And then when night came, we watched Austin Powers. It was okay, but not exactly my type of movie. They slept over, so we had even more fun. It was a great weekend all in all. A good prize for all the hard work for the Quarterly Tests!!!


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