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Author: K.A. Applegate

How do you think would you feel if an alien invasion is right under your nose and you don't even have the least suspicion about it? How about if one night, while walking through an old abandoned construction site, you see a dying Andalite (the good race of aliens) prince who tells you about the Yeerk (the bad race of aliens) invasion and gives you the power to morph any animal you've acquired the DNA of as a little something to help you in fighting the Yeerks? I dunno about you, but I think I would be pretty freaked out. But then again, there's that infamous "what if…" question. What if you don't have a choice but to save the human race… at the age of 13 or 14? Well, I'll just relieve you of worry about that 'cuz all that stuff is up to the Animorphs. Of course, there are always the ups and downs of fighting gray slug-like aliens who take over your body by going into your brain. If that doesn't make you interested in the adventures of these guys 'n gals, I dunno what will!

Teen Angels
Author: Cherie Bennett

Sorry, guys, but I don't think you'll exactly be "into" this book series. I mean, this is sorta more of a girl thing 'cuz the lead characters are gals. 'Newayz, this series is about teens who've died and still had life lessons to learn, who's gone to Teen Heaven 'cuz of that. Well, now and then, they get sent to earth for an "assignment" by the Big Guy (we all know who that is) wherein they help teens in trouble so they'll head toward the light 'n not towards darkness. Of course, since these angels are still teens, they always have a li'l bit of trouble. But they always seem to get out of it. And romance definitely won't be missing with these gals, so I'm pretty sure all u gal teens out there'll pretty much love this series.

Author: Christopher Pike

I guess you could sort of compare this with the Animorphs, 'sept that these guys 'n gals don't fight aliens (not most of the time anyway), they fight, well, different sorts of weird creatures. Also, they don't have any extraordinary power. They're just 5 normal kids. Or are they really normal? :o) Seriously, this is one weird but wonderful book series!

Encyclopedia Brown
Author: Donald Sobel

I like this book, mainly 'cuz I love mysteries 'n brain twisters. Here, they let u guess who the culprit is or what his slip-up was in telling his lie. The answers are in the back of the book, 'n u'll see that all you need to guess 'em is common sense. Oh, 'n it has several stories in one book, so u have more chances in confirming how stupid u are for not knowing that simple little thing. :o) Just kidding. For all u future Sherlock Holmes, this is for you!

Sweet Valley Twins
Author: Francine Pascal

In this book series, identical twins Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield will show you the typical life of teens and pre-teens. What's cool about this book is, that the twins are only identical on the outside. But when you know them personally, you'll find it hard to believe that they could actually be SISTERS. They're the complete opposite. Elizabeth is the studious, writer, bookworm kinda gal, while Jessica is the happy-go-lucky, partying, boy-lover twin. So in each book, you'll see how they look at the same situation differently. So it won't really matter if you're the popular one or the studious one, you'll still be crazy 'bout this book series!

The Baby-Sitter's Club
Author: Ann M. Martin

Baby-sitting is a very popular job. I guess it's 'cuz not only do u have fun, u also earn some money. Well, how about if u belonged to an organized club of baby-sitters wherein the fun and the clients double? Perfect, huh? Of course, u can never really escape problems 'n trouble, but u can learn from 'em. 'N that's just what the members of The Baby-Sitter's Club do. They're the best of friends and through thick 'n thin, they always try to help each other out. Whether it's baby-sitting problems, boyfriend problems, friendship problems, or any kind of problem at all, they always seem to get out of it... with each other's help of course. So read about their club, them themselves, their probs, 'n how they get out of it!