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Chronicles of Narnia
Author: C.S. Lewis

Most classics would probably bore you. I'm sure about only 3% of kids, pre-teens, 'n teens read classics. But believe me, this set of books is really cool. They're 7 stories all in all. Each connected with the other of course. It's about the land/country of Narnia, which is actually parallel to our world. That makes it even more fun to read. You'd feel as though you were in the magical land itself when you read every chronicle. One or two books even made me sorta teary-eyed. It's just so… wow. I mean, it's kinda hard to explain, so if I were you, I'd rather buy the whole set of books! By the way, if I were to rate each of the 7 books according to how I liked them from 1-10, this is how it would look like:

1. "Silver Chair"
2. "Voyage of the Dawn Treader" and "The Last Battle"
3. "Prince Caspian" and "The Magician's Nephew"
4. "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe"
5. "The Horse and His Boy"

  All of them were wonderful actually, and it was kind of hard for me to decide which I liked best. All of them are worth reading, trust me.

War of the Worlds
Author: H.G. Wells

You into that alien stuff? Not modernized aliens though [ 'cuz then we would be talking 'bout the Animorphs :o) ] Anyway, if u are a sci-fi fan, then you'll probably go for this book. Here, Martians invade Earth with their weird machines 'n stuff. You're with the good guy's adventures during the invasion though. 'N the ending's pretty amusing too. 

Author: Eleanor H. Porter

This one is 'bout a girl who always had a happier perspective of life. She always finds the brighter side of things… even those that are really hard to cope with. You'll see how she made everyone in town happy with her gaiety… even her totally strict 'n cold aunt. There's even a li'l bit of romance in this book! While I was reading, I always tried to guess the mystery lover of Pollyanna's aunt. It's a really cute story; you should read it! 

The Princess and the Goblin
Author: George Macdonald

A story with a dash of suspense and wonder in it. From the cute Princess Irene, to her wise great-great grandmother, to the mischievous goblins, and to the princess' courageous friend Curdie. When Princess Irene speaks, the words are so innocent, cute, and very princess-like. The goblins' conversations meanwhile, are sort of funny because of the way they see us humans. Trust me, this book'll amuse you! 

The Prince and the Pauper
Author: Mark Twain

A lotta movies have already adapted this story, 'cuz it really is a cool book. It's 'bout two total opposite strangers (one's a prince, 'n the other's a -- u guessed it -- pauper). They met and decided to change clothes just for the fun of it. Accidentally though, the prince went out dressed as a beggar, so the guards treated him like dirt and threw him to the streets. The pauper meanwhile, dressed as a prince, is treated with great respect and honor, but was thought of as mad 'cuz he kept saying he wasn't the real prince. Read 'bout the adventures of a beggar in a castle 'n a prince in the work of a beggar, 'n u'll realize that u won't really know how one feels unless ur put in his position. 

Water Babies
Author: Charles Kingsley

  I guess this book has an okay plot about an abused chimney-sweep who becomes a water baby and there, learns lessons in life. But I must say that the author isn't a very good story-teller. I sometimes skipped a few pages when I was reading this book. And then I finally became too bored to finish it, although I would like to know the ending. It's just that the author keeps on putting in very irrelevant information such as why you should believe in water babies. Or other dumb stuff.

The Black Arrow
Author: Robert Louis Stevenson

  I know Robert Louis Stevenson is one of the most famous authors of classics, but I really do not like this book. I haven't finished it yet. I haven't even gone to reading half the book, and I know it isn't really fair for me to judge the story so quickly, but it's just so boring! Almost every dialogue, even the narration I think, are full of thee's and thou's that it's making me dizzy! And I don't understand a thing about what each character is saying. I even get confused about who's talking! Although I guess the story itself would be nice if I read a more... I don't know, a version easier to understand without too much of the ancient language. :o) A classmate of mine was hardworking enough to finish the book, and he said it was really a great book. Oh, well.

The Story of the Treasure Seekers
Author: E. Nesbit

  I liked this book. It's funny, witty, and I guess even kind of touching. It's about 5  kids going on all sorts of adventures and using their imagination. Maybe it's a bit childish for others, but I like it anyway. It's a great book about the ups and downs of a kid.

Anne of Avonlea
Author: L.M. Montgomery

  Anne of Avonlea is a book with wit, laughter, joys, sorrows, mistakes, learnings, love, realizations, and most importantly... changes. Anne, a growing girl, experienced these things, and learned that life isn't always what you expect it to be. It isn't a dream where everything is perfect. Sometimes, you can't just pretend everything, you have to face reality too. And you have to look beyond the surface to see the beauty in everything. In this book, courage and determination is also shown. It teaches readers not to give up, and never to stop dreaming, because where would a person be without dreams after all, right? Dreams are the first step to success. Without dreams, you wouldn't have goals. And without goals, you won't succeed. This is a wonderful book that I keep close to my heart.

Anne of the Island
Author: L.M. Montgomery

Anne of the Island. A book that touched my very soul. A book that made me laugh. A book that made me sad. A book that taught me many lessons. A book that overwhelmed me. A book that made me fall in love. Anne Shirley is a girl with childish dreams and aspirations and has now gone to Redmond College to fulfill her ambitions. An in college, she finds out that handsome Gilbert Blythe, an old schoolmate, loves her. But does Anne love him? Anne has a different view... a different perception of love. Love is supposed to be magical and romantic and like a fantasy with grace and valiance and a prince charming to sweep her off her feet. She refuses to accept the changes around her. She feels alone in a world full of changes. She seems to be living in a world of the past, filled with old chums full of friendly chatter, laughter, and walks in the park. But she learns. She learns acceptance, most importantly. And she realizes that love is not simply just magic, and romance, and fantasy. This is definitely the best book I have ever read in my life. Mind you, the best book, both in the categories of classic books and modern books. Anne of the Island is simply the best.