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Cable Guy

    I really did not like this movie. It was so dumb. I mean, it was about this weird guy (who really seemed retarded to me) who was a fired cable guy (Jim Carrey) pretending to still be a cable guy and ruining another guy's life. He did this by being with him practically all night and all day, bringing him to totally exotic places, holding large parties and stuff at his house, and always giving him unbelievable gifts like a stereo set, a TV, stuff like that. And he was driving this guy crazy! I just couldn't see the point of the movie! Of course, I don't really like slapstick comedies. If ever I'm going to watch a comedy, I want it to be funny in a way that it's sensible. But my brother thought this was a great movie. So it's really up to you.

Liar, Liar

  From what I saw, this was OK. At least this movie had some sense. There was this lawyer (Jim Carrey) who never ceased to lie. He lied to the judge (to win the case, of course), and he lied to his son, and to his wife. You know, like, he broke promises about watching his son's game or something. So on the child's birthday, his birthday wish was for his father never to lie again. And the wish came true. The dad couldn't lie anymore. And I don't mean wouldn't, I mean couldn't. It sounds a bit corny, but it's actually pretty good. You know, it's really good. I loved it. It was cute and funny and it was even touching. You should watch it. It's one of the only two movies I loved with Jim Carrey in it... the other one being The Truman Show.