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Just a few reminders... before you can play the games below, you have to download Quickbasic first. The file is in this page too, and after you download it (the filename is Qbasic.exe), then you can start downloading whatever game you wanna play. By the way, to open the games, first open Quickbasic, then open the games from there. If you have any questions, e-mail me at . In the meantime... ENJOY!!!

Qbasic.exe: as I said, this is the program you use to open the games below
hangman.bas: everyone knows the classic hangman game with the poor, devastated man being hanged when it's not his fault the player keeps getting mistakes :o)
Nibbles.bas: my personal favorite... it's actually the now-very-popular snake game... but here the snake eats numbers 1-9, and then goes on to another level... it's keep you on your toes... you'll definitely enjoy the challenge!
Backman.bas: the return of pacman... it's pretty good, considering how hard it is to make a program in quickbasic, but the flow is kind of slow... worth a try though
Ho2.bas: hang out 2000.... this is a project me and my classmates made for our computer science class... it's incomplete since we gave our only copy of the finished product to our teacher... we forgot to make a second copy... but it'll do... we made games and some sing-alongs... hope u'll check it out!