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Anne of Green Gables

    Starring Megan Follows as the redheaded imaginative Anne Shirley, this is the best movie I've ever seen. It may be a classic, but it sure beats all in my opinion. Anne Shirley is a 13-year old orphan girl who yearns for someone to love her. And by mistake, she lands in Green Gables. It was a bit hard at first for Marilla and Matthew Cuthbert to adopt a girl who talks non-stop about castles and princes and fancy names, and whose imagination is beyond control. But they learn to love her and accept her. So in the twon of Avonlea, she meets many new friends, including, Diana Barry, her "bosom friend" whom she dearly loves and cares for, and vice-versa. She also gets acquainted with a handsome schoolmate named Gilbert Blythe... who is also a boy every girl wants to be with. But alas, Gilbert made the mistake of teasing her of her red hair, and because of Anne's bad temper, for many years, they were on very bad terms. Gilbert, having tried many times to ask for forgiveness, was, just as many times, snubbed by Anne. Meanwhile, it seems that there is no day that Anne does not get into terrible scrapes and causes a catastrophe! There was the time she tried to dye her hair black, or when she accidentally gave currant wine instead of raspberry cordial to Diana, which was the result of two hearts broken, and the time her teacher was over for dinner and almost ate pudding which was recently been the resting place of a dead mouse! This was a hilarious, bright, and cheery movie... yet at the same time also sad and romantic.

Anne of Green Gables: The Sequel

    Here's Anne Shirley again. But she's all grown-up. Gilbert has also grown into a young man, with love developing for this red-headed girl. Anne meanwhile, doesn't think that she loves Gilbert at all, and with a broken heart, Gilbert and Anne are separated for a while as Anne goes to Kingsport for a teaching career, where she meets the rich Morgan Harris. In the end though, Anne realizes the only place for her in the world is home. Good ol' Avonlea, where Gilbert is still waiting for her...

Notting Hill

    Starring Julia Roberts as Ana Scott and Hugh Grant as William Thacker, this movie was hilarious and touching at the same time. And when I say hilarious I mean hilarious! It was a riot! And yet, it was kind of sad too. Two totally different people, a big-hit movie star whose face was all over the world, and a store-owner selling travel books living in an apartment with a roommate whose as messy as he is dumb. But they fall in love. And love, as most people know, is a strong thing. So much as they tried, they couldn't really just forget about each other. In the end though... well, just watch it and you'll see. Believe me, you will love this movie!

Shakespeare in Love

  This love story, as almost all tragic love stories are, is about letting go. The story is like Romeo and Juliet, you know. Actually, in this movie, Will Shakespeare (Joseph Fiennes) was writing Romeo and Juliet. And how did he get the inspiration? In what was going on in his life.  Gwyneth Paltrow, playing Lady Viola, someone coming from a very rich and prominent family has always loved literature and plays. So when she heard about an audition for Romeo and Juliet, she made up her mind to go. Of course, she has to dress up as a man since women were not allowed to act in plays then. Well, she got the part of Romeo (and in the process, fell in love with Shakespeare too), and when Shakespeare met her in a ball, he fell in love with her, still not knowing she was the person who was going to play Romeo in his play. Well, when he found out, they were able to get together and their love grew stronger. But Lady Viola was set to marry someone else. Someone rich as he is arrogant. And Shakespeare really couldn't do anything. This is a very nice romantic comedy. Funny and witty, yet also tragic and touching.

Runaway Bride

  And I thought Notting Hill was good. Runaway Bride and Notting Hill both starred Julia Roberts, and both are great movies... but Runaway Bride totally beats Notting Hill. For me anyway. Notting Hill was funnier sure, but I think Runaway Bride had a better plot. It was about this girl (Julia Roberts) from a little town and who pretty much was a heartthrob, and she's been "almost" married several times. Everytime it was time to say the vows or walk the altar, she kept running away and breaking her groom's heart. Now in New York City, there's a reporter (Richard Gere) who's having a hard time looking for a subject to report on. In a bar, he meets a guy who tells him about the runaway bride. (I'm really sorry I forgot all their names, so I'll just call them by their real name, 'k? :o)) Richard just goes ahead and writes the article without even confirming it. Julia reads the article and writes an angry letter to the editor and the editor sends Richard to Julia's town to confirm the story. There the story really starts. Of course from the start Julia practically hated him, and he, in turn, wasn't exactly fond of Julia either. But hey, opposites attract. That should say it all. It was a great movie. Good acting, good plot, good screenplay. I loved it.

The Story of Us

Michelle Pfeifer and Bruce Willis fit perfectly in their roles. (Again, I'm going to have to call them by their real names). The movie mostly consisted of flashbacks... when they first met, when they got married, their fights, you know. It could get kind of confusing, but it was fine. So anyway, Michelle was this I-need-to-know-all-the-answers and disciplined and neat and we-need-to-be-on-time kind of girl, and Bruce was the spontaneous, fun kinda guy. Well, they got married. And Michelle felt like she always had to do everything, discipline the kids, clean everything up, you know. And Bruce felt like Michelle was too uptight and stuff. It seems boring when I'm telling it this way, but really, it was a wonderful movie. Touching, funny and witty. It was light movie, but a very enjoyable one. Entertaining all the way.

The Green Mile

Tom Hanks here plays Paul Edgecombe, the head guard at E Block, a prison where convicts are sent until their time comes for "Old Sparky", E Block's nickname for the electric chair whose lap is the last thing prisoners will remember sitting on. One of my favorite parts here was about the cute little mouse whose bravery and intelligence amazed all the guards, including Bill Dodge, Harry Terwilliger, and Dean Stanton, and Brutus Howell, even after all they've seen. The mouse became a pet of one of the prisoners, Del. John Coffey changed Paul's life and it never became the same again. This black giant could have ripped anyone apart, but he was as gentle as a lamb, afraid of the dark, and who cries most of the time in his own silent, serene way. Which made it hard to believe the crime he was accused of... rape and murder of two little girls. But all evidence was against him. He was found in the woods with the girls and he was smeared with blood. And all he could say was "I tried to stop it boss, but it was too late". It could get a little boring and a bit violent for kids below 11, but it was a nice movie. If you really put your heart into watching the movie, you could feel the fear of those who had an appointment with Old Sparky, their repentance and hopelessness. And the acting was amazing... especially the guy that played John Coffey... wonderful plot (after all, it was based on Stephen King's novel), all in all, it was a great picture (hey, it didn't get nominated for Best Picture in the Oscars for nothing).