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Submitted Poems

OK, I'll make this short. If u wanna submit your own poem/s for me to publish on my site, e-mail it/them to me at this e-mail address:, OK? Oh, yeah, don't forget to state if you want me to put your e-mail address, 'n if you have a website, that too, together with your name as credit for your poem.

Thank You

Thank you
for being there
when I need a helping hand,
a shoulder to cry,
a pair of listening ears to listen to my secrets
and for being there
when I need you the most
above all,
I want to thank God
for giving me a friend like you

by Araya Y.D.

The Day She Died

The day my sister died,
I felt a lot of pain inside.
I was just three, and she four,
But I still remember when she fell to the floor.

As she stepped on the road,
The car flew by
It was a hit-and-run
The memory still makes me cry.

That was long ago,
But I still feel the pain
The feeling inside me,
It's hard to explain.

I wish I could confide,
But that I can't do,
For you'll see the real me inside,
Oh, if only you knew.

So I'll keep on pretending,
For I can cover up well,
For no one can see,
And no one can tell.

By Natalie


This math is so hard
All this solving and solving
What would happen to my card
What would be the teacher's marking

I got a wrong answer in no. 4
It's just because of carelessness
I wish I had science about the Earth's core
Or CL about our goodness


Nature is a very good place
Full of rivers and streams
It gives us a happy face
And that is second of my dreams

Rocks and soils is part of nature
With oceans and seas
With special kinds of a creature
And that was second of my dreams

There is a bad side of nature
With no fun and fleas
This animal gives us bad future
And that ends this dream

Both poems by Kirk


Though I don't know how to start
This letter comes from the bottom of my heart
I want you to know how I feel
For my feelings for you are oh so real

Though I know this is infatuation
Please understand my situation
I can't help it if I feel this way
I think of you day after day

This is getting too long
Like the lyrics of a romantic song
But all I want to say is,
My love, Happy Valentine's Day!

By Steph Ibaņez

Dark Secrets

Walking around with a smile on my face
Living the life that can never replace
All the mixed up feelings I held inside
I know someday I can no longer hide

Happy days of yesterdays are over
It hurts to know nothing lasts forever
How I wish I could go back to the past
But golden moments just run so fast

I just pretend to be someone I'm not
Though I know I must cherish what I've got
But everytime I try to be so cool
I always end up looking like a fool

You may not be seeing it in my eyes
Marked inside my soul are these empty lies
Nobody understands what I'm feeling right now
But I hope somebody will, someday, somehow

Trying hard to be able to struggle free
From life's long and heavy chains of misery
Wish I could chase away my doubts and fears
And somehow find a way to stop these rolling tears

Sometimes I think the world's just not fair
No one seems to listen and no one seems to care
They all get the ups while I get the downs
I'm tired of living in a world full of frowns

I'm not sure of how many smiles I can fake
Or how many pains and sufferings I can take
Everyone's been taking me for granted
But I know it wasn't really me they wanted

There has been too many questions troubling my mind
I know there are answers I have to find
Will I be crawling forever in darkness
Or will I finally experience happiness?

By Lavender

I Won, Lost, and Died

I wanted to win
I didn't know how
I was hit in the chin
By a thin cow

On the day I lost
What I couldn't tell
What the cost
for that fateful fell

It hit me hard
It hit me good
I was of guard
I was of mood

And everyday since that fall
I pray to God
I pray it all
I died when I fell to that burning rod

By A very inspired writer

Boyfriend, Ex

the sky are blue and the sun
is shining and the boy that i
hate love me he is tall, and
ugly! and what can i do 'bout
nothing! just to suffer him!

The boy

the sky are gray
and i'm so lonely.
the boy i like...
just not like me
and then
my email broke down
and i can't know if he's
still alive!

Both poems by Shir

Falling for You

Well, hello, now it's for real
Just dropped a note to tell you how I feel.
Ever since I saw you, something nagged at me
It told me, "Very cute is the person you see."
Well, I took it only as a mild crush
But time after time, you made my face flush
For the mild crush, only up to appearance
Slowly grew, till you made me wanna dance.
Whenever I see you, you make me blush red
"There goes your crush," my friends had said.
And my heart would start beating wildly,
And I'd start acting really silly
'Cause you always put me in a lovesick trance
And then, bother, I mess up a chance.
Well, I'll tell you, the REAL love started
When I began teasing you, till I'd turn red.
Red with laughing, you would think
But if only you'd look harder and blink,
In my eyes are a glitter, and they're shining
Shining with love, and my heart is singing
That's why I'm red, red of love for you
Oh boy, you just make me lovesick true!
So, for all the jokes I've made, I'm very sorry
I'm a real fool at love, don't you see.
But you should know, this is NOT a tease, it's true!
I've really fallen in love with you!

By a lovesick writer