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How to Beat Boredom

1. Go find a nice place to relax and read a good book.

2. If you're not much of a reader, then go find a nice place to relax and watch TV.

3. Make your own website, surf the net, or go chatting and meet new people!

4. Chat with your friends on the phone, or better yet... invite them over!

5. Bore other people by writing 'em letters or e-mailing 'em about how bored you are! (hehehe)

6. Invent your own sandwich! (let's see, some mayonaisse there, and let's put a spoonful of mustard here, and don't forget the peanut butter and cheese spread on top of the mustard...) [*gulp* I think I just lost my appetite... ;-) ].

7. Try on different clothes and see what kind of cra-z outfit you come up with.

8. Experiment with your hair and see what suits your outta this world outfit!

9. You might think this corny, but it could still be fun; pick your favorite book and do some play reading (it would be more fun if you could put in the accent of the character (let's say he's British or she's Southern or sumtin').

10. Tune up your stereo and sing 'n dance with your favorite band/singer!

11. Friend's birthday coming up? No gift for that friend? No money? Well, you're in big trouble! But I'm here, as always, to help u out! Here're some gr8 homemade gift ideas:

Get an old container, repaint it, and design it with buttons or ribbons 'n stuff.

Make a picture frame out of cardboard and decorate it however you think your friends would like it. (e.g. if your friend is studious or sumtin', decorate his/her picture frame with paper clips, a pencil on one side, 'n stuff like that).

Get some pebbles, paint them with your friend's favorite colors, get your favorite stickers, stick one each on each of the pebbles, and cover each of the pebbles with nail polish. (I got this one from Lisa Frank).

Get a large flat piece of cardboard, get pics of you and your friend, cut and paste them on the cardboard as artistically as you can and decorate it with special stuff that reminds you of your friend or would make your friend remember you.

12. If you're an artist, make your own cool comic book!

13. If you're a musician, compose your own music! [ But stop when the neighbors start complaining :o) ]

14. And finally, if you're a writer, compile your stories/poems, type 'em on the computer, print 'em out, bind 'em, 'n voila! You've got your own book! If you still want to "murder" time, then add illustrations to your book!

16. Change the lyrics of your favorite song into something hilarious or whatever (it depends on what you want), then try singing it with the minus-one tape and finally, record the song on a tape! Send it to a record company and see what they think. *LOL*