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December 6, 1998; Sunday (4:10 pm)

Hi 'ya! This is my first entry here in the site journal, since I've just finished doing the finishing touches on my site. After this, Miki's *~Just Some Stuff~* site will be open to the public and exposed to the wonders of the world! Dramatic ain't I? Hehehe. 'Newayz, this weekend was the end of my exhausting week. That's why on Saturday morning, I didn't attend band practice anymore. I needed a rest and anyway, when I woke up, my head and back ached a lot. Whoa, I've gotta go now 'cuz I still need to do my Christian Living Gospel Reflection homework. Later!

Smile, Miki :-)

December 13, 1998; Sunday (4:45 pm)

'Yo! So far, sum ppl has already signed my g-book, 'n I'm very grateful 4 that. Thanx 2 all of 'ya who took time 2 sign! Oh, 'n I just wanted 2 say that it's okay 4 u 2 criticize my site. Like if there's a page wherein u don't like the color, or if u think I should erase a page I huv or stuff like that. Or even if u just absolutely h8 my site 'cuz it's too boring 'n doesn't huv anything interesting. I could take criticism. After all, criticism is more important than praises... at least, that's what our band instructor said. Oh, yeah, classes was suspended last Friday. Kewl, huh? Actually, in the morning, we still had classes, but after lunch, they announced that classes will be suspended 'cuz of the heavy rains. Yep, here in the Philippines, we ain't havin' a 'white Christmas', we're havin' a WET Christmas. 'N it's really chilly too. Um... I guess that's pretty much it!

Smile, Miki ;o)

December 19, 1998; Saturday (7:15 pm)

Allo! Christmas vacation has just started! No homework, no projects, no band practice on Saturdays, no school! Of course, all good things has to last. Can u believe that we only have a 14-day vacation?! But, hey can I do anythin' 'bout it? 'Newayz, we just had our class Christmas party yesterday. I received an Animorphs book (which I've already finished reading 'n totally love) from my "Dad" in our Kris Kringle. I gave my "baby" some Hershey's Cookies 'n Cream Snowman chocolates. But let's get back to the Christmas party. I brought my camera with me then. U could say I became the photographer in our class that day. I also received more gifts in school this year than I did last year. Oh, hey, guess what?! My birthday's comin' up in only 4 days more! Then 2 days after that, Christmas day! Which reminds me... MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

Smile, Miki ;o) 

December 26, 1998; Saturday (11:45 am)

It's so nice to finally be able to relax after a tiring day like yesterday. I mean, we were out of the house the whole day. Let's see, we left the house at 10:30 am, 'n arrived at my cousin's house at 11:30 am. Talk about a long trip! We left for home at 3:30 pm, 'n when we finally got home at 5:00 pm, we had a 2-hour rest. Then out we go again to my grandparents' house for our traditional Christmas party. Left at 11:00 pm. 'N I slept at about 12:15 am. Now do u-c what I mean, by tiring? Plus, all this time, I had (and still do) a bad cold with a throat that really hurts. I only hope New Year won't be as exhausting as Christmas Day!

Smile, Miki ;-) 

January 8, 1999; Friday (9:00 pm)

'Zzup peeps?! Sorry I wasn't able to write in here last week. First of all, the phone line we use to connect to the web got broken, then our browser got broken, and, last but not the least, we went on an overnight family outing. That's what I'm gonna tell 'ya 'bout so instead of tellin' u 'bout this week, I'll tell 'ya 'bout last week. OK, enough chit-chat. Well, first of all, we had to go through a 2-3 hour car ride until we arrive at my father's province, Bataan. Then we rested while my dad went to the clinic to see if he had any patients. After that, we went on a 1-hour car ride (again) to Pampanga, the province we were going to have an overnight stay in. We slept at a really cool hotel, 'n went to Expo Pilipino, a sort of theme park, but not only doesit huv rides, it also has exhibits 'n stuff. Plus, we got 2-c a laser show which is one of the coolest things I huv ever seen. I guess I'll wrap it up there now. I'll tell y'all 'bout THIS week, tomorrow, OK?

Smile, Miki :o)

January 10, 1999; Sunday (6:25 pm)

I know, I know, I'll huv 2 say sorry again 4 not writin' yesterday, but hey, it's still the weekend ain't it? 'Newayz, my cuzins left just now, they went here to meet a relative of ours who's originally from U.S., but taking a vacation here. This week, (or should I say last week?), well, from January 5-8, we had at least two tests each day. I mean, jeez, the first week of school 'n the teachers already had plans 2 kill us with tests! I slept at 1:00 am for two nights, 'n 2:00 am for one night. Though, the tests aren't the only ones to blame for that, I was also preparing myself for our solo Reading presentation on Friday. My hard work paid off though, I got a perfect score! Um... I've gotta go now!

January 21, 1999; Thursday (7:00 pm)

Hey, guess what?! We won't have classes 2morrow! U-c, we just had our Quarterly/Periodical Exams this week, 'n everytime that happens, on Friday, we have our Achievement Holiday. Our exams is also the reason why I wasn't able to say my wise words to u guys. (hehehe) I had 2-study, so what can I do? Besides, we aren't allowed 2-use the computer during the weekend be4 the exams. Um... nothing much happened this week, 'sept for my sleeping at midnight or even past midnight just 'cuz of studying. I'm telling u, Math was hard. Filipino and History was pretty much OK though. Science was also really difficult, 'n I can't decide which subject is harder --- that or Math. Reading was a li'l on the average side. CL was... well, fine. That's 'bout all that happened during my nerdy week. Oh, yeah, just 2day, my friends came over 'cuz we had 2-do some campaign posters 'n pins 4-our friend who's running for Level Representative who's responsibility is to be president of the batch. Well, g'bye!

Smile, Miki :o)

January 30, 1999; Saturday (11:30 am)

'Sup peepz! My week was pretty interesting, y'know. Remember that level rep. thing I told 'ya 'bout last time? Well, the campaigning started on Wednesday, 'n our corridors were filled with colorful posters 'n everything. Some blouses 'n polos were also covered with pins. Plus, we also had this canteen campaign wherein some high school students played different kinds'a kewl music 'n let the ones running for level rep. have a chance in campaigning personally through the microphone. :o) The "level rep. runners" will also have a variety show on Monday wherein they'll do crazy stuff for their campaigning. They'll also be giving their speeches classroom to classroom on February 4 and 5. Election's will be on February 10. I just hope the elections and campaigning will be fair. I also hope the students'll choose the right reason and person to vote for --- not for popularity 'n stuff. I've gotta go eat my lunch now, so I'll just take my hungry tummy with me to the kitchen 'n I'll get back to you with news next week, OK?

Smile, Miki :~)

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