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  So, thou has cometh to exploreth this pageth to take a looketh at the beautiful poetry I have writteneth as timeth slowly passed byeth. As each yeareth, each month, each dayeth, each houreth, each secondeth, each millisecondeth... alright, alright, I'll quit driving 'ya crazy by putting a stopeth to this weirdeth wayeth of talkingeth. :o)

  Anyway, I'll go straight to the point now. Here you can find all the poems I have written from when I was a child up to the present. I classified them into classifications (duh) to make it more convenient for y'all. I described the classifications so you'll know what you'll find there.

  By the way, since I'm also an *ahem* musician, I've also composed several songs. Most of the time, I just used my poetry as lyrics. :o) So I decided to put the lyrics up here too.  Now onwardeth... and goeth exploreth the magic of poetry! ;o)

Early Poems/Prayers

I made these poems
When I was a kid
In prep and in Grade 1
I wrote them, I did

None of them are rhyming
And the grammar's wrong too
Plus, there's incorrect spelling
But they're cute, and ain't few

Miscellaneous Poems

Just a bunch of poems
that's about anything at all
Just for fun, or point of views
Reading them'll give you a ball!

Personal Poems

When there are special occasions
You know what I do?
I write a poem for the celebrant
And it's dedicated to him too

I decided to call these poems
"Personal Poems" I did
'Cause each of them were made specially
and personally for someone, whether old or a kid

Song Lyrics

Poetry and music
A wonderful pair
When combined it makes
a song pretty and fair

Note: All poems here are ęCopyrighted by Melissa "Miki" Kaori Silva L., namely me. Copying any of these poems without giving credit to the writer will be considered plagiarism. Plagiarism is a crime. But, you can take the poems, as long as you give credit to me, 'k?