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Credits for my Pics

Lucky Diamond's Music Room: this is where I got the moving musical notes in the main page
Cowgirl's Pooh Page: Cowgirl makes her own Pooh pics, and so, she originally made the pic of Pooh holding a pencil which I put in my Links page, 'n Pooh graduating with Piglet hugging him in my Awards Page
Guardian Angel Bears: well, this is where I picked up my very own guardian angel bear to watch over my site
The Recorder Homepage: a recorder is a musical instrument (in case u didn't know), so all the pics in my "My History with Music" page came from here
Margaret's Cool Homepage: the smiley pics from here are and
Meaningful Korner: here came the big smiley at the bottom of my "Smiles" page 'n the smiley with moving mouth 'n eyes
Planet Saria: the rest of the smiley pics in my "Smiles" page are from here ('sept for the ones I got from Margaret's Cool Homepage)
Animation Factory: here's where I got the neon aqua bar thingee in my games page
Anigifs by rw51: the funny animated graphics in my games section were from this site
Kooky Art: the cute 3D animated graphics all over the site are from here... I love this site!
DRealm of Fairies: the beautiful fairies I adopted and are now all around the site came from this site
Snow's Cartoon Dollz: all the adorable "dolls" all over my site are from this site... it's got tons more!!!

Credits for my Music

Reggie's Anything Goes Website: from here came the background music of these sections in my site: the main page, Tips on Beating Boredom, Journal, Poetry, and Submitted Poetry
Lucky Diamond's Music Heaven: the music background in the page "My History with Music" came from this site

Credits for my Games

Qbasic: here's where I got most of my games