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...and yet MORE Cool Sites!

Lyrics: this site has more than a thousand lyrics... so if u get the urge to sing... surf on in!
Blue Mountain: musical e-cards for all occasions, cute animated graphix, 'n gr8 messages
Cardmaster: the pics take a pretty long time to load, but the music is good
Secret Admirer: this site'll help 'ya find out if ur crush likes u too!
The Daria Craze: to all u Daria fans out there, this is the kewlest place to visit!
The Spell of B*witched: a B*witched fan page with info, pics, 'n lots more!
Past Life Game: I don't really believe in reincarnation, but it's kind of cool to see what you were in your past life, don't you think?
Original Midi Compositions by Bruce de Boer: a site with wonderful original music compositions and very nice graphics
B*Witched Haven: much info about the girls and their music; facts, tour dates, guitar tabs, etc.
Animorphans: the best Animorphs site I've seen so far; fan fiction, poems, dreams, cool contests, quizzes, rumors, and more!
Young Composers: hear music composed by all ages, from 10 - 30 +, and they're really good too... a great site to spend your time on
Cyberkids: reviews, creative works, games... a very enjoyable site
Cyberteens: it's sort of like cyberkids... only well, obviously... it's for teens... contests, poetry, stories, you know the drill

Free Graphics Sites

Logoworks: one of the BEST graphix site I've been to, if u need a logo, this is the best site u can go to
Cool Graphics: awesome graphics u can choose from, HTML tips, 'n more!
Free Graphics: lots of links to take you to the wonderful world of graphics...
Animation Factory: all the animated graphics you could ever want!!!
Anigifs by rw51: if you're looking for some humorous and witty graphix... this is the place for you! cute and really funny!

Webpage 'N E-mail Sites

Tripod: it's really easy makin' a page here, 'cuz u can either make your own HTML, or if u dunno how, u can just pick the colors, text, 'n images u want straight from Tripod!
Angelfire: webpages 'n e-mail addies here!
The Express Page: from the expage (short for "express page") sites I've seen, I think this gives u a really easy time in making ur own webpage
Hotmail: a very safe, secure, 'n promising site if you wanna have your own e-mail addy
Mailcity: has a nice layout
My Own E-mail: u can make your own very personal addy here (ex. , )

All-Around Sites
(Webpages, Chat, E-mail, Search Engine, etc.)


Yahoo!: everything but a webpage-maker service








~*Totally Cool Sites/Clubs/Zines You Should Definitely Check Out~*

A Girl's World: the best site ever; has chat, special features, advice, a really safe penpal service where u don't even have to give out your e-mail addy, and lots, lots, lots more!
Purple Moon: a colorful 'n funky site where u can make online pals, make your own "webpage" 'bout yourself, 'n have a virtual collection
Planet Girl: doesn't have cute or adorable graphix actually, but it's still a pretty good site for pre-teens 'n teens to check out
Girl Tech: it has a lotta girl power, 'n it's a fine site to check out
Lisa Frank: a totally funky, cool, 'n stylish site with graphix as cute 'n adorable as u can imagine 'em to be, a chat room, fun activities, stories for 'n by gals, 'n beauty tips
gURL: a positively, absolutely, definitely KEWL site wherein u can express ur thoughts, questions, opinions, 'n feelings! u can even have ur own e-mail addy 'n webpage here!
Troom: a wonderful girls site for pre-teens and teens
Writer's Notebook: a gr8 club for young writers who wants their skits, poetry, and stories to be published and read by fellow members or other people on the site; u can also submit writings authored by others
Cyberkids: a pretty cool site with reviews and lots of message boards
Cyberteens: contests, message boards, reviews, stories, poems, and more!
Zeeks: one of the best online club I've been a member of! Earn points for surfing the site, joining contests, playing games, and having fun! And when you've earned enough, spend 'em in the online Zeekstore!

Winnie the Pooh Sites

Stephanie's Thoughtful Spot: pooh-lovers, this is the site for you!
Jamie's Pooh Page: a really cute pooh site with lots'a really adorable graphix!
Georgina's Winnie the Pooh Page: one of the best pooh sites I have ever visited; I mean, you can even send a pooh e-card with pooh music, 'n lots more really kewl stuff to do

Sweet Valley High Senior Year

All About SVH Senior Year: this is THE BEST!!! and i love her liz-conner pages!!! definitely worth more than an hour of surfing! :o)
Bytesize Snior Year: this has got so much info... plus, wonderful images

Miscellaneous Personal Sites

Katerina's Page: cute 'n kewl site with original 'n great ideas
Wedgie Central: my cuzin's rockin' site w/ great graphics, the cutest stuff, wonderful links, lots of beautiful poems of every kind, many MIDIS, and lots more!
The Only Place: a site with inspirational quotes, poems, recommended movies 2-watch, whatever
Chinesetakeout: a place which's delicacy is entertainment!
Meaningful Korner: it's got a gr8 e-card service, jokes, 'n a lot more interesting stuff to do
Planet Saria: just a plain totally kewl site with cute graphics 'n gr8 entertainment
Imagination is Everything: it's got lots'a fun stuff, that's for sure!
Moondust's Crystal Cavern: a fun site with gr8 'n unique stuff to do
Stacie's Gallexy!!!: this page gives 'ya lots of things to do!
:bits and pieces:: loads 'n loads to do here!
b u t t a h f l y * w o r l d: gr8 layout, gr8 graphics, gr8 content!
wenkgurl's homepage: a page with love poems, quotes, and other sentimental stuff...
Susan's Page Over the Rainbow: a very nice site with very nice stuff...
Girlsmile :): you'll WANT to check this site out; it's simple, cute, and entertaining... exactly my type of page!
Amanda Lane's Homepage: a page that has funny jokes, nice quotes, short stories, vignettes, poems, etc.
Ace's Homepage: an OK site with cool and unique stuff to explore like educational info, things updates weekly, literature...
My Cool Page 2000: a gr8 site with nice graphix 'n totally kewl contents! games, cool stuff, whatever!
Punky's Poetry Page: a great site with cute graphics, deep and meaningful poems, and dreams that are wonderfully shared
Blue's Place: a great site that gives you a ense of depth but makes you light headed anyway; it's got a unique but cool layout, cute graphics, nice poems, quotes, jokes, and everything else fun; it's just a plain wonderful site to check out
Hayley's Page!!!: the appearance/layout isn't much, but it's the content that counts! and the content here is great! jokes, poems, weird trivias, and more!
Margy's Madhouse: lots to look at and lots to do, there's always something for me and you!
Sara's Cyberworld: very cute colors, lovable layout, and cool content!
Stephanie's Page: a very opinionated and original page, deep and relating, with original artwork too!
*Bulletproof Butterfly*: one of the best sites I've ever been to! it's a site you'll really enjoy exploring; it's organized, it's complete, it's original, it's entertaining, and I love the "look"! it's one cool site!