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A Wishing Well

I made a wish from a well
A wish that I would never tell
A secret wish which I could keep
From everybody else

When I went home I talked to my fish
And told him that I, had made a wish
A secret wish which I could keep
From everybody else

*About it I had, made a poem
A very good poem I made
I hope you enjoyed it, I hope you did
For to me it will never fade

(year unkown)

Plastic flowers never die
With happiness they make you cry
Real flowers are better maybe
But they do die very quickly

Plastic flowers, real flowers
I love them I really do
You can be sure that that is true
‘Cause they cheer me when I’m blue

Best Friends Forever

Ever since we were little
We have always been best friends
We made a vow with each other
To be best friends forever

We don’t meet everyday
Though we study at the same school
We’re even in the same batch
But we don’t even have time to play catch

She once told me I was getting bossy
And I accepted it, though it was hard
We have always been honest with each other
And that makes our friendship last forever

She has other best friends now
And of course, so do I
But I’ll always keep her in my heart
And we’ll never let our friendship fall apart

She’s the special best friend
The number one in my list
We’ll always look out for each other
And be best friends forever


Classical music soothes the soul
It makes a person feel magical
While music like “Hanson” and “Spice Girls”
Would make you feel cool and radical

What would be your choice of music?
It would probably be like “BSB”
Maybe you’d rather have Classical?
Nah, maybe you’ll have “Solid Harmony”

To Renew a Friendship
sequel poem to Best Friends Forever

It all started one day
When we decided to get together
We were both lonely, it's true
Though I was more blue

You see, I had just lost a friendship
Filled with great fun and glee
But I guess it was worth it
If it brought back my true best friend and me

I hope to renew that other friendship though
'Cuz it was the one that was able to renew another friendship
I know it's confusing, how I loved and lost
But still loved again, though the other was tossed

Why is it so hard
To renew a simple friendship?
Why can't I do that
Without destroying another great friendship?

I hope I can work it out
'Cuz this is really important
Friends are with you 'till the end
All their love to you they will always send

Valentine's Day

Believe me, on that day, you'll be as lovesick as ever
You'll send cards 'n stuff, 'n feel hatred, you'll never
I think they call that day Valentine's Day
It would make you fall in love --- or so they say

It would put in you a very cool trait
Once you experience that lovesick state
They call it love, they say it's pretty
But one thing's for sure, it makes everyone happy!


   Let love conquer your heart
Only, don't let it fall apart
                        Valid and true love is what you should have
             End not your joy, for you need love


Let your heart decide
                     One feeling of love you shouldn't hide
  Visit cupid 'n you'll see
                     Everlasting life and love that would
                 make you shout with glee!


Friends love you
Friends care
Friends stick with you
They're always there

There may be hard times
But you'll work it out
God created friends for us
So they can wipe away your pout

Friends will always be with you
Through tears of sorrow or joy
When you're happy or sad, they know
So just let your feelings go

Friends will never leave you, though you think they have
You've just had your own lives, someday, you'll see
You'll stay in their hearts forever and ever
And they'll stay in yours, they will, believe me


You know you don't really
have to follow every trend
Popularity isn't everything
You don't have to pretend

You see, when you're popular
You become insecure
You can't be totally yourself
You're never very sure

But then again
there's always a choice
You can be popular 'cause your nice
You can be known to give joys

You can help a friend
when he is in need
That way, you'll be known
as one good friend indeed

So now which would you rather
to be trapped or to be free?
You'll be popular in both
Though in different ways, you'll see


Life's so simple for a child
Always happy, always gay
They have fun in all they do
Whether in their work or in their play

Less worries and less problems
More fun and more carefree
Less knowledge and less pain
All that matters is being happy

Such sweet innocence they have
Easy to please and easy to like
They are glad in simple ways
Just play tag or ride a bike

There's always a child inside our hearts
Let that child go, let him go free
Forget your problems, forget them all
Take a child's innocence and just be happy!


Stars in the night sky
Dangling up so high
Glittering like crystals
As pretty as a flower’s petals

Watching over the earth
Watching us since birth
Watching our ways
Watching all our days

Stars know so much stories
In small towns or in cities
Stars are always there
Sparkling everywhere

People everywhere gaze at these same things
Twinkling as if they’re diamond rings
People of earth whether near or far
Wondering what stars really are

A True Friend

Of a friend I was in need
And a friend I’ve found indeed

So loyal and true
Cheers me up when I’m blue
Accepting and loving
Whose voice is so soothing
Who loves me as who I am

Supports and encourages
When things seem so hopeless
Has great faith and trust
Like a flower in the dust
Who brightens each day of my life

Leaves me in peace
When I need silence she sees
Solitude is given
When words are uneven
Silence is comfortable shared

This is my friend
With love carefully tended
For when I was in need
A friend I’ve found indeed

True Love

Flowers wilt or die
Candies do not last
Cards can be torn or lost
But true love is always steadfast

The gifts only symbolize something
The objects themselves are insignificant
The love that is in those material things
Is what is really important

Gifts are given to people
To let them know they’re loved
What kind of gifts doesn’t matter
For in everything true love is found

So remember this, remember it well
True love should always be treasured
And whether in size or shape or price or form
It can never ever be measured


A scared little mouse
Cowering in a corner
Angry at the world
Afraid of its danger

It hides its corner
It hides it from you
It pretends it’s not there
So you won’t get through

As the corner is hidden
The mouse now steps out
Acts confident and brave
But inside, full of doubt

You can’t call it a coward
For nothing is clear
We all hide a corner
Full of anger and fear

Who am I?

Who am I?
Do you know?

Was I once the Queen of Egypt?
Was I once a rabbi?
Was I once a courageous soldier?
Who am I?

Was I once a big, brave lion?
Was I once a sturdy tree?

No, I’ve never been all those things
Because I know I’m me

Note: All poems here are ©Copyrighted by Melissa Kaori "Miki" Silva L. In other words, by me. Plagiarism is a crime. So if you want to share these poems with others, please give credit to me. You don't necessarily have to ask permission from me, although that would be nice, as long as you give credit to the writer's name.