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Sound of Music

    This is already practically a classic actually, but that doesn't change the fact that it's a great one. The music, of course, was wonderful. Lively and happy, inspirational and touching. It was funny too. But it was also kind of sad. But hope was in the movie all the time. Plus love of course. You see, there was this young and very energetic nun (Julie Andrews), Maria, playful and active. And the other nuns, who were mostly old and uptight, weren't sure what to do with her. So they sent her to be a "nanny" temporarily to a very rich and prominent family with the father as a highly respected man, and the mother having already passed away, plus seven children. Maria got to soften up the father, and she taught the kids so many wonderful things, but she fell in love with the father, and vice versa, only they were too afraid to admit their feelings. So Maria went back to the convent. In the end though, love won.


  Funky and cool, this is one musical that will never go out of style! John Travolta, playing the hot, hunky, popular, heartthrob in school, Danny, meets Sandy (Olivia Newton-John) during the summer. And they fall in love. But Sandy had to go back to Australia, but it turned out they had a change of plans. And what do you know? She ends up studying at the same school Danny is! She doesn't know it til' her friends let them meet though. And the Danny she meets isn't the sweet and thoughtful boy she met at the beach. This was the too fresh and as it seemed to her, insensitive Danny everyone in school knew. Danny never meant to act that way, he just had to protect his image. After all his gang, the T-birds were there. So love again, is the problem of two totally different persons!