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A Wishing Well

A wi-shing well,
A wi-shing well,
I made a wish,
From a wi-shing well
A se-cret wish,
Which I could keep,
From ev-ery-bo-dy else.

When I went home,
I talked to my fish,
And told it that I,
Had made a wish,
A se-cret wish,
Which I could keep,
 From ev-ery-bo-dy else.

(either 1996 or 1997)

Plastic flowers never die,
With happiness they make you cry!
Re-al flowers are better maybe,
But they do die,
Very quickly!

Plastic flowers,
Real flowers
I love them I really do
You can be sure,
That that is true,
'cause they cheer me when I'm blue!

Grade 5 play: "Hunchback of Notre Dame" Songs
(February 1998)

Festival of Fools

Festival of Fools,
Festival of Fools,
(forgotten lyrics)

(boys)Festival of Fools
(girls answer)Festival of Fools
(boys and girls harmony)Festival of,
Festival of,
Festival of,
of Fools!

(a solo)

What did I do,
To dese-e-erve this?
I ha-ave only death ---
To expect.
And wha-at's more,
I di-i-ie
With-out even kno-wing
That I,
Have killed my husband ---
--- My Pheobus.

Happy Wedding Day
(March 1999)

Congratulations Tito Kelly,
And Tita Rowie to you too
You are now bound into o-one
With love as your glue

You now have someone to share
Your wonderful life with
You now have someone always the-ere
In all times of need

So I wish you all the luck
In the new life that you have
And may God always bless you
With his gra-aces and love

(April 1999)

You know you don't really
have to follow every trend
Popularity is-n't everything
You don't have to pre-tend

You see, when you're pop'lar
You become in-se-cure
You can't be to-tally yourself
You're never very sure

But then,
there's always,
a choice
You can be pop'lar 'cause
you're nice
You can be known to give joys

You can help,
a friend,
when he is in need
that way, you'll be known
as one good friend,

So now which would,
you rather,
to be trapped or to be free
You'll be popular in both,
though in diff'rent ways you'll see!

A Healthy Medley
(July 1999)

*Chorus: Live a healthy life
Have an active and strong body
Be smart, be sharp
Be healthy and be happy!
Choose the right food
For you a-are what you eat
Have some rice and bread
Get the energy, get the beat!


 Drink a glass of milk
And then you'll see
That sticks and stones
Won't break your bones! *chorus

 Try some citrus fruits
For vitamin c
Lemonade, oranges
Protection from germs! *chorus

 How about protein
Like fish or meat
If you want a good growth
These you've gotta eat!


 And don't forget your vegies
Which makes strong bones and teeth
'Specially leafy vegies
Which makes you very healthy!

*chorus harmony

 Oh yeah, oh yeah
Carbohydrates for energy!
Calcium for bones
That won't be broken by stones!

Oh yeah, oh yeah,
Fruits act as a shield!
Protects you from germs!
A healthy body it builds!

Vegies for bones and teeth!
Protein for growth!
If you want a healthy body
Better go for both!

Yeah, yeah!
Enjoy your health now!
Keep it, improve it!
Keep yourself fit!

*chorus harmony

 Carbohydrates, rice and bread
Milk for calcium strengthens bones
Oranges for Vitamin C
Fish or meat gives protein
While lettuce leaves are ve-gies


 *chorus harmony (w/o two people)
*chorus harmony (w/o another two)
*chorus harmony (four leaves)
*chorus (remaining two leaves too)

(July 1999)

The real world,
Isn't exactly
Comfort, and luxury
The poor and needy are out there---
Waiting for our love and care

Praying for them i-is not enough,
If we don't make our mark,
Discussing plans are useless,
If they're not put to work

So join Tugon and give your help
Make new friends, have fun
A little change, to the world
Can do lots for everyone!

Let our hearts be touched
Let's transform lives
Cheer them up when joy is gone
The light in darkness, the hope in sorrow
Answer their cries---
Join Tugon.

Tunay na Pilipino
(August 1999)
(written in Filipino)

Kabataan ng bansa
Buksan ang ‘yong mata
Pagmasdan ang ating bayan
Tradisyon ating sundan

Ang simpleng paggalang
S’ating mga magulang
Paggamit ng po’t opo
Katangiang s’atin lamang

Ang ating piesta naman
Nagbibigay ng kasiyahan
At sa musika’t sining din
Lumalabas kagalingan natin

Katapangan ni Bonifacio
Katalinuhan ni Rizal
Katatagan ni Cory Aquino
‘Wag sanang matanggal

Meron din tayong bayanihan
Sa lahat nagtutulungan
Utang na loob ay malakas lagi
Lahat ng kabutihan ay may ganti

Pagdating sa ating wika
Tayo pari’y nagkakaisa
Ilocano ma’y Bisaya
Filipino ang salita

Noon man o dati
Nakatatak ‘yan s’ating puso
Kaya’t dapat ipagmalaki
Ang pagiging Pilipino

A Single Drop of Blood
(August 1999)

A single drop falls to the ground
A single drop of blood
But courage and will
And love and dignity
Is in that single drop

That single drop
Saved hundreds more
It saved mine and yours
It relieved our fear
It gave us freedom
That single drop saved us all

Now we turn away
Now we forget
That single drop of blood
We go on with our lives
And we abandon
The blood that’s our salva-ation

I ask you now
Why is it so
That single drop of blood is no more
It’s not in our hearts
It’s not in our minds
That single drop of blood

Why is it lost?
Lost in the past
No one remembers
And no one cares

What happened to the courage
To the will and to the love
What happened to the dignity in that drop

That single drop cost a life
So it could save us all
So let’s keep that drop
In our hearts in our thoughts
Let it last forever

Remember the life
and the sacrifice made
In that single drop of blood

(August 1999)

The wind spoke softly in my ear
“Have faith”, it said, “for I am here”

“You may not see me with your eyes
For heart and soul is what you need
Be patient, love, reward will come
Remember, a tree comes from but a small seed
That seed grows with proper care
It knew that with patience it shall slowly rise
But as time passes by, nothing happens
But the seed keeps in mind that life’s not a bed of roses
So it doesn’t give up and it’s work is persisted
It wavers not, hope is not lost
Courage and confidence is in that small seed
So it worked day by day”, said the wind

“Go on” I insisted
For I was anxious to hear
How the seed got what’s so precious and dear

“Well weeks and months flew by for the seed
But because of persistence something then happened
With agony and pain the seed broke in two
And then ‘twas so happy it knew not what to do
For out sprouted a leaf so green and full of life
Out of the ground and into the light
Oh, the sunshine, so sweet and beautiful
Success has then found the little seed
But the seed is no more, for instead there’s a plant
And with more work and patience, a tree will come out”

“And now little one”,
the wind said to me
“Breath deeply and work
turn a seed to a tree”.

All poems/lyrics here are ©Copyrighted by Melissa Kaori "Miki" Silva L., namely me. If you take any of these poems/lyrics without giving credit to the writer, it will be considered as plagiarism. And plagiarism is a crime. But, if you want to take any of these poems and do whatever with them, it's OK, as long as you give credit to me as the writer.