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Webmaster's Note: In the Philippines, we call our uncles "Tito", and our aunts "Tita". Another thing, some Filipinos also call their parents "Nanay" (Mother) and "Tatay" (Father). In our family though, we've been calling our grandparents from the father side "Nanay" and "Tatay". Also, the poem entitled Happy Birthday, Kuya Paolo is a Filipino poem.

(made for Tito Ruben)

Happy birthday, Happy Birthday
It’s a very special day
We’ll have cake and ice cream too
But the most important thing is you

(year unkown)

My mother is like honey
She’s as sweet as can be
She’s very, very smart
Be a good mother is her part
(She loves me with all her heart)

She does her part, very well
My problems to her I tell
So mother, Happy Mother’s Day
(*So mother, I just want you to know)
That’s all I have to say good day
(*You’re the best and I love you so)

(made for Papa)
(year unknown)

Birthdays, Birthdays
are very special days
They make you happy
in any way
Because they make you happy and

Papa’s Birthday

It’s your birthday today
And it’s a special day
I know you want to thrive
You’re turning 45
Please take us out
So we wouldn’t pout
And we’ll give you permission
To be dragon not lion!

Note: In case you were
wondering about that last
line, I wrote that one
'cuz my father was born
on the year of the dragon.

Happy Birthday, Tito Kelly

It’s your birthday today
And you’re on your way
To another glorious year
Full of happiness and fear

God will always be with you
No matter where you are or what you do
He’ll be with you through thick and thin
He’ll forgive your every sin

We really do miss you a lot
But we’re still lucky ‘cause you’re what we’ve got
You’re a very cool uncle, that’s what I say
Happy Birthday, Tito Kelly and have a nice day!

Happy Birthday

Happy birthday! Happy birthday!
It's a very special day
Too bad our celebrant isn't here
She's Tita Christine, so nice, so dear

She has a new year ahead of her
But God will guide her, of that I'm sure
She's patient, she's thoughtful...
she's helpful and kind
And I know that the family is what she'll always bind (together that is!)

Happy Birthday, Kay

Happy Birthday, Kay!
It's a wonderful day
You've grown another year ---
Now I think that's worth shedding a tear

Just a piece of advice though ---
             don't always follow the trend
Just be yourself --- don't pretend
A lot of things you've already learned and seen
Well, all I can say is, good luck at being 13!

Welcome, Nanay and Tatay

Welcome, Nanay!
Why, hello, Tatay!
We're very glad you're here
For to us you're very dear

We've missed you a lot
What we want is for you to leave not
We hope you enjoy your stay, though
May our love for you continually grow

Happy Birthday, Kuya Paolo

O, 18 ka na pinsan
Anong plano mong gawin?
Masaya ang buhay minsan ---
ngunit may kahirapan din

Basta, "God bless" na lang
At maging masipag ka, ha?
Sana ang talento mo'y wag masayang
Lagi kang magpakasaya!

Happy Wedding Day
(first version)

Congratulations, Tito Kelly
And Tita Rowie, to you too
You are now bound into one
With God as your glue

Love has its hardships
That you should know
But the sufferings you get
Only helps your love grow

So don't mind the darkness
Instead see the light
Always look for the brighter side
And everything will be all right.

Happy Wedding Day
(final version)

Congratulations, Tito Kelly
And Tita Rowie, to you too
You are now bound into one
With love as your glue

You now have someone to share
your wonderful life with
You now have someone always there
in all times of need

So I wish you all the luck
in the new life that you have
And may God always bless you
with his graces and love

All poems here are ©Copyrighted by Melissa Kaori "Miki" Silva L., namely me. If you take any of these poems without giving credit to the writer, it will be considered as plagiarism. And plagiarism is a crime. But, if you want to take any of these poems and do whatever with them, it's OK, as long as you give credit to me as the writer.