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  Do you actually care about my opinion? Awww, that's so sweet of you! :o) Hehe, just kidding. Here, I'm willing to give my opinion and rate whatever you want me to rate and opinionate on. Whether it's books, shows, websites/homepages, brand names, your work (like your own writings or your art) or deep issues, I'll give out my thoughts on 'em all! Just e-mail me at . And please mention if you want me to put up the whatever-it-is you want me to rate up here, 'k? If you'd rather keep the rating to yourself, then say so, 'k?

How it Works:


= the best of the best! has the coolest "look" layout, colors, content (most importantly), effort, organization, and neatness! and it's original and creative too!!!

= has lots of great and interesting stuff to do originally thought of by the creator and good creativity; although the layout/colors/graphics could be improved, the content is still good

= the page as a whole is good, but it's kind of disorganized that it's confusing, and though the content is wonderful, it's not enough, there seems to be more links to other sites than more stuff to do on the page itself

= very few creative ideas for entertainment, but at least there's still some, and the colors are good

= definitely needs improvement, needs more original content, and the color combination should be improved

Miscellanous/Everything Else:

= the coolest on the face of the earth! everything is wonderful, all the time and effort given is seen, and... and... oh, no words, even poets, cannot describe...

= it's great and everything, but words can still describe it as "cool" :o), it isn't like "wow", but it's great

= well, it's okay, it's nice, but it could still be improved by adding a thing or two

= good, but not exactly my type

= needs a lot more work and effort for it to be okay!


LJ's World = .5

Writer's Notebook =