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What's on your mind?

Junk Mail

Received some jammin' junk mail you wanna share with the rest of us? How about it? Poems? Quotes? Jokes? Just no chain letters since I think most people think chain letters are a bother. :o)


Wanna show the world how deep you really are? Give us your thoughts and opinions about whatever! Any topic, any issue, any view point is very much appreciated. Or, if you feel very strongly about a certain issue someone brought up, why not share your reaction? Or how about letting us know what your dreams are?


What kind of CD do you think is worth our money? What kind of book is a great one to entertain us during boring ol' days? What's your favorite TV show? Movie? Which website/homepage should we visit? Help us out here, will 'ya? Give us some ideas about what kind of... um... whatever you think is worth our time! Give reviews about anything under the sun!