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  Every person has pride. Whether large or small, pride makes it hard for a person to apologize to someone he's hurt. To accept that what he did was wrong. It's hard to forget your pride. But if you don't do so, the result is guilt. And discomfort. Discomfort because all the guilt is inside you. You see, the only way to get the guilt out of you is to be sorry for hurting that someone. And the first step there is forgetting your pride. Accepting your mistake. And then you apologize.

  Pride also makes it hard for you to accept yourself. To accept who you are. You try to be somebody else because you think they won't accept your true self. You let your pride take over you. You think you don't have a choice but to be like everybody else. But there's always a choice. You can either choose to refuse to accept yourself and never get the discomfort out of you or you can choose to ignore your pride and feel freer to express yourself. What'll it be? 


  What is freedom? Isn't it that freedom is having a choice? Now most people would say in tight situations and are helpless that they have no choice but to stay helpless. They say they cannot fight because they don't stand a chance. They say they have to do this and that because they aren't given a choice. But they're wrong.

  There's always a choice. Life is full of choices. Let's say you have a ton of rules to follow. You would say you have no choice but to follow them. But you can actually break them. God gave us free will. The power to choose between good and evil. Of course, when you break the rules, you have to suffer the consequences, that still doesn't mean you're not free to break them though. You can break those rules as many times as you want… as long as you can take the consequences that will result from it.

  Let's give another example. Let's make it a little deeper. Bigger. Let's go back to the old times. To Hitler's time. Hitler ruled over the Jewish. The Jewish were, let's say, helpless. They had to follow all the orders that Hitler and the Nazis gave. But it was their choice to follow Hitler's orders, wasn't it? They chose to follow orders because of their fear. They gave in to their fear. But they had a choice.

  There's freedom everywhere. Anywhere. Because freedom is inside you. You make your own choices. It's your life. It's your freedom. 

Love at First Sight

  I know most people would disagree with me on this, but I don't believe in love at first sight. I mean, it isn't right for you to think that that person is your soul mate just because he/she is cute. It isn't like the movies, wherein you turn around, see the guy/girl, and then *poof* you're in love and there's angelic background music flowing all around. That's just stupid.

  First of all, there's this quote from a book called "The Little Prince" by Antoine de Saint Exupery that might help you see my point. It's one of my favorite quotes: "What is essential is invisible to the eye". The physical form has nothing to do with the personality.

  Secondly, love develops. For all you know, your worst enemy might turn out to be your soul mate. As long as you learn to love him/her. You learn lessons in love. But before that, you have to learn to love. 


  True friendship is hard to find. Loyal friends are very rare. Most friends don't last a year.  Some last only a few months. And what are the usual causes of this? Backstabbing, maybe. Or simply growing up; when your personality changes.

  This is why I hate peer pressure. You lose your friend because she goes with the "in" crowd. And before you know it, she's snubbing you as if she's never met you before. And, your heart breaks.

  Don't you just hate disloyal friends? I know I do. But there might be a solution if this is your problem. Talk to your friend. Or see if maybe she's seeing changes in your personality too. And the reason she gave herself to the "popular" group is 'cuz she felt like you were moving on and she didn't want to be left out.

  If that's not the case, then just move on. Go on with your life. There are other fish in the sea. Maybe you and the friend you thought you would be with forever just weren't meant to be. A true friend is out there waiting for you. He's just waiting for you to look harder.

Death Penalty

   I'm against death penalty. I mean a penalty is a punishment right? And those punishments are given to people who break the rules of the government.

  Why? Because that way, they'll be forced not to commit that crime again for fear of another experiece of that punishment. And, so other people would be threatened and not at all try comitting the crime at all.

  Well, death penalty isn't serving it's purpose. First of all, how can a person NOT commit a crime again if he's dead? I mean, how can he be given another chance? Plus, I don't think it's really threatening people. Up to now, people who've committed certain crimes are still being given the death penalty. It's not doing any good! No good to the criminal, and no good to the people. Jeez, I mean, aren't rules supposed to be for the common good?  Oh sure, you might be thinking, well, at least if the criminal's dead, he can't kill any more people. Well, why don't they just lock up the person and give him a life sentence in jail. At least that way, he'll still have time to think about what he's done and actually be given a chance to just repent or something. Even if he won't be free from prison, if he gets the time to think about whatever and be sorry, he'll at least be free from guilt and stuff.