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Win My Award

Wanna add another kewl award to ur collection? Or maybe u'd just like to honor 'n flatter me by having my award as the first award u've ever applied for :o) 'Newayz, I'm not much into rules, 'specially if it's only 'bout sumtin' as simple as applying 4-an award, so all ur site just has 2-be is a G-rated site. 'N of course, I have 2-actually like it. One more thing, ur site also has 2-have a good color combination. It doesn't matter if u don't have cool graphics or music or whatever, just as long as there's gr8 stuff 2-do. Oh, yeah, u don't have to talk 2-me 'bout the award in my guestbook if ur gonna sign it, I give the award 2-whatever site I visit 'n like. Of course, I have 2-know ur e-mail address when u sign the guestbook or when I visit ur site. But if ur like me, 'n u don't exactly display ur e-mail addy for the whole world to see, then u can just e-mail me personally at this address [I'm only displaying my e-mail addy for ur sake ;o) ]: with your name 'n the URL of your site. Good luck! I'll e-mail 'ya 2-let u know even if u didn't win my award. I'll tell 'ya what needs improvement then u can re-apply 4 the award again, deal?